Public Relations & Earned Media

Sometimes, clients will approach us with a unique issue. “We’re doing a lot in the community, and we have really great service offerings, but no one knows about it,” they’ll say. “How can we get the word out?”

Enter public relations and earned media. It’s a strategic way to share what you’re doing in the community and to position your company as an industry expert. For example, if you consistently sponsor non-profits and a large portion of your client base values giving back to the community, we’ll write a press release, share it with our media contacts, and get your sponsorship some more attention. If your company has a milestone that it’s celebrating, we can share that, too.

Unlike media buying, public relations is called ‘earned media’ because it isn’t something you can pay for… it’s something you earn by writing a worthwhile story, sending it to key media targets, and networking. To see how we’ve helped our past clients, you can view our SPM Public Relations Portfolio. Many of these earned media stories had an estimated value of $4,000 to $5,000 based on how much exposure they helped our clients gain.

While a non-marketing company can manage PR efforts internally, it takes time to build public relations contacts in Madison, WI. Let us help you by tapping into our resources and making your business shine.

Our Process

  1. Dive deep into your brand and its messaging and uncover what makes your business unique.
  2. Identify any upcoming events or sponsorships that you have planned.
  3. Develop stories that highlight your brand and what your business is doing in the community.
  4. Pitch these stories to our local, regional, and national media contacts.
  5. Follow-up with key media targets to see if there is another angle that we can provide.