Our Process

Level 1: Assessment

When you decide to work with Strategic Partners Marketing LLC, we want to know and understand everything about your business so that we can put forth the best recommended strategies. To start, we conduct a thorough assessment of the business. From this, we develop a comprehensive marketing recommendation. (For instance, you might need a specific creative message, a better website, or a media campaign targeted to a certain audience to improve sales.)

We provide you with step-by-step actions to achieve results from these recommendations and provide creative direction to make sure that your marketing message resonates with your target audience.

Level 2: Implementation

We’ll take our step-by-step actionable items based on our recommendations and walk you through them to make sure they happen. Working with our media buying services and digital experts in web design and social media marketing, we will implement your marketing plan and get you the ROI to meet your goals.

Level 3: Evaluation

Some marketing consultants stop at the IMPLEMENTATION stage. At Strategic Partners Marketing LLC, we take it a step further and review our step-by-step action plan to see what worked, what led to sales, and what flopped. From this, we can fine-tune your marketing and media plan for the future. As media is an ever-evolving beast with thousands of moving facets, this final stage of evaluation and reassessment is critical to making sure that your business will continue to implement appropriate marketing strategies.