Media Strategy & Buying

Building an Effective Media Campaign

We are a media buying firm based in Madison, WI. Effective media planning involves working with an experienced media strategist who can direct and guide your media approach based on goal outcomes, and then having a strong team of media buyers to execute the implementation of that plan. As an agency we use Strata software, which provides insights on every market and allows for detailed reporting to ensure effective planning.

At SPM we combine our expertise in effective media planning and buying strategies with our knowledge about the customer buying journey, and support it with the power of Strata as an advanced media planning software. In addition, we bring our skills in strategy, analysis, and ROI review to the table, allowing us to lead and implement large and multi-faceted media campaigns for clients.

Our media planning and buying team brings in-depth knowledge of media channels in local, regional, and nationwide markets. Collectively, our team has planned for and bought media in more than 25 states. We understand how to research markets, to advise clients in which markets their advertising will be most effective, along with analyzing data provided from media outlets to determine which media outlets are the best fit for clients.

Media buying services include media planning, media buying, and ongoing media management. As an award-winning marketing firm offering brand messaging and brand clarity services, we are also able to advise clients on brand messaging and positioning strategies. This includes script writing for TV and radio commercials. As your media buying agency, we have the ability to guide and advise you through the entire process, identifying key targets, developing scripts and ads, and negotiating and placing media and working together to analyze your ROI.

What to Expect from Strategic Partners Marketing

We are a full-service advertising agency with national experience in media strategy and buying, including broadcast (TV and radio), digital, print, and outdoor (e.g., billboard) advertising. Our team has a combined 20+ years of experience in media buying. We are intimately familiar with the Madison market, and we have experience advertising in the Milwaukee, Fox Valley, La Crosse, and Wausau markets, as well as other states. In addition, our firm uses Strata, the premier media planning software, which empowers us to work on large regional and national media campaigns efficiently.

Should you decide to partner with us on your media buying, we walk you through the following steps to get you maximum coverage, at the most cost-effective rates.

Our Process

1. Initial Setup

When initially setting up a media campaign, we review your past sales and your future sales goals to help you set achievable media goals. After establishing who your core customers are, we identify the best avenues (e.g., broadcast, digital, print) to reach them. If necessary, based on these goals, we will determine content/direction of campaign.

Our media buyer then determines buying parameters (of the various media forms) based on client goals and direction of campaign. This may include a goal cost per thousand people reached, the % of market to be reached with a goal frequency number; length of ads; weeks/days for the ads to run; types of programming within which the ads will run.

2. Negotiating

The media buyer goes out and avails the market to seek out the opportunities in the market, evaluating the initial avails to start whittling down the best opportunities for the client. After narrowing down the initial opportunities, the media buyer negotiates 2-3 rounds with media outlets to secure the best rates and placement with client goals in mind. Then, our media buyers will present the best media plan for the client’s approval.

3. Placement

After approval from the client, the media buyer purchases ad space with media outlets and reviews the contracts to ensure that spots are airing in proper places.

4. Ad Production

If you don’t already have content for the campaign, we’ll work with you to develop the script for your spot and to produce the commercial.   *See an example of our on-site production for Symdon in Mt. Horeb.

5. Ongoing Campaign Management

After the commercials are developed, they are sent out to the media outlets and we will follow your ad spots to make sure there are no pre-emptions (a short way of saying that your ad spots aren’t bid out by a higher bidder. If they are, we negotiate for a spot that is of equal or better value to the one that you lost). Monitoring the ad spots is a crucial step to making sure you are getting what you paid for.

While monitoring your ads, we may find that ad updates may be needed depending on length/scope of the campaign. After the media plan has gone out, we will review the process and campaign with you, our client, to identify opportunities for improvement.

“A good media buyer negotiates rates and ratings. An amazing media buyer takes that a step further and understands how to cultivate relationships for the client’s benefit.”

Amber Swenor

Founder & Brand Strategist, Strategic Partners Marketing