How We Help You

At SPM we partner with small businesses in one or more of the following ways:

Your Consultant: Advising you on where to begin your process, what steps to take and advising on the strategy to pursue. Consulting may also include oversight of a specific project, or educating you on how to implement specific tactics for yourself.

Best for:

  • Smaller businesses or entrepreneurs who need help creating a marketing plan and getting on the right path and will then be implementing the work themselves.
  • All clients as a starting point where we begin our analysis and research, which is then followed up with a proposal to perform the work as your marketing coordinator or your ad agency.

Your Marketing Coordinator: Working with you to develop a brand strategy and marketing plan, and then working in conjunction with your team to educate toward best practices to implement the marketing plan that we agree to.

Best for:

  • Businesses with a team in house capable of implementing the tactical efforts that are determined based on the higher level brand strategy that is developed.
  • Growing businesses who don’t yet have a person or team in-house but are growing in that direction. SPM can fill the role temporarily and help you to find the appropriate mix of contract resources/permanent hire candidates to fill the necessary roles to implement the marketing strategies.

Your Ad Agency: Managing your brand development and advertising efforts for you including developing a cohesive look, feel and messaging across all platforms. Negotiating on your behalf and implementing the agreed to marketing strategies.

Best for:

  • Small businesses who may not have any marketing department and want to hire professionals who they can rely on to do the work and do it well.
  • Businesses with a marketing professional/department who are seeking brand growth and want to partner with an agency to work as a team toward the business goals, as well as providing overall marketing consultation and alleviating the task-oriented duties such as social media management, graphic design and media negotiation.