Brand Strategy

Everything you do in your business is integrated and should work in unison toward your vision and goals. A brand strategy is built upon a mission statement, objectives, opportunities, and threats. A well-crafted marketing strategy is only as good as the foundation of the business and systems in place that work toward the ultimate business goals. This is why we go deeper in order to understand all aspects of your business.

The Brand Discovery Process

When we first begin working with clients on a consultative basis, we suggest that they undertake a deep dive meeting with our firm. At this meeting, we review the client’s current messaging; dig into how they perceive their business, who their clientele is, and what sets them apart in the market; and provide recommendations on how to improve their brand. Based on what our team learns at this meeting, we will propose a clear or refined brand message, develop a brand style guide, and/or provide other brand strategy services, including further consultation.

How Our Process Brings Value

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, we need to understand the foundation upon which your business is built. We need to understand your business’ current value offerings and messaging. We need to understand how you want to grow and what your short- and medium-term goals are.

This desire to understand everything about your business is what sets us apart from other marketing companies. At SPM, we want to understand everything about your business so that we can develop the best recommendations and truly be your marketing partner. We aren’t here to sell you a product. We’re here to help you develop the best strategic plan to drive results, and that starts with understanding your business and your brand.

Looking for something more? Check out our sister company, Impact Academy, where we offer ongoing brand strategy coaching and consulting, as well as our signature brand strategy course, Impact Incubator.

“Brand development now builds future value.”