Media Planning & Buying

Getting the Most Out of Your Madison Media Buying

It is overwhelming to navigate all of the media buying options in Madison, WI and for the greater Wisconsin media market (i.e. Radio,TV, Outdoor). Understanding each of these media outlet’s audiences, peak times to be reached and frequency needed to saturate your message is a tough job to tackle. Because of this, it can be challenging to know how to best spend your dollars and what message will resonate with your target market on each of these unique platforms. Having someone on your side to help you navigate all of these different platforms is crucial to making your money go farther.

The key to your success will be in finding a highly qualified marketing consultant in the Madison, WI area who not only offers consultation but can also see the process through with identifying key targets, script and ad development, media negotiation and placement.

What to look for in a Madison marketing consultant for media buying:

When looking for a Madison marketing consultant or sitting down in a face to face meeting, they should be asking you in depth questions to truly get an understanding of your business. From this information, a marketing consultant can offer the appropriate marketing strategies to reach your business’ goals.  If you are looking to reach a wide audience for the best bang for your buck, TV or Radio might fit that bill. There are ways to utilize TV and Radio media to build your brand and drive leads, and there are ways to use it effectively or ineffectively. This is where a media buyer comes into play.

What to expect from Strategic Partners Marketing

We are a full service ad agency and with experience in media.  We are capable of helping you with the whole scope of your marketing, including media buying. We will walk you through the following steps to get you the maximum coverage, at the most cost effective rates.

Initial setup
Step 1: We will help you set reasonable media goals based on your sales goals. We will establish who your core customers are and identify potential avenues to reach them.

Step 2: Based on these goals, we will determine content/direction of campaign.

Step 3: Our media buyer determines buying parameters (of the various media forms) based on client goals and direction of campaign. This may include a goal cost per thousand people reached, the % of market to be reached with a goal frequency number; length of ads; weeks/days for the ads to run; types of programming the ads will run within.

Step 4: The media buyer goes out and avails the market to seek out the opportunities in the market.

Step 5: The media buyer then evaluates initial avails to start whittling down the best opportunities for the client.

Step 6: After the whittling stage, the media buyer then negotiates 2-3 rounds with media outlets to secure the best rates and placement with client goals in mind (for example, sometimes the lowest rates may be pre-empted, so there are multiple considerations. The ultimate goal is to get the best mix of advertising spot that works for the client).

Step 7: Our media buyers will present the best media plan for the client’s approval

Step 8: After approval from the client, the media buyer purchases ad space with media outlets

Step 9: Media buyer reviews the contracts to ensure that spots are airing in proper places.

Ad Production (if not already done up front)
Step 10: Now comes the fun part, we work with you to develop the script for your spot and produce the commercial.  *See an example of our on-site production for Symdon in Mt. Horeb.
On-going campaign management
Step 11: After the commercials are developed, they are sent out to the media outlets and we will follow your ad spots to make sure there are no preemptions (a short way of saying that your ad spots aren’t bid out by a higher bidder. If they are, we negotiate for a spot that is of equal or better value to the one that you lost). Monitoring the adspots is a crucial step to making sure you are getting what you paid for.

Step 12: After monitoring your ads, we may find that ad updates may be needed depending on length/scope of the campaign.

Step 13: After the media plan has gone out, we will review the process with our client.

Amy Kelly

Senior Media Buyer

Amy Kelly, the Senior Media Buyer at Strategic Partners Marketing in Madison, Wisconsin, has more than 16 years of experience with media buying and will work on your behalf to make sure you get the ad placements that bring value and attention to your business. Amy understands how to navigate the media landscape and how to develop relationships; her personal philosophy is to build relationships for the client’s benefit.

When you work with SPM on your media buying you get so much more than buying and selling ad space, you will be working with media buyers who “get it.”

“A good media buyer negotiates rates and ratings. An amazing media buyer takes that a step further and understands how to cultivate relationships for the client’s benefit.”

Amber Swenor

Founder & Brand Strategist, Strategic Partners Marketing